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  1.                                                                   About Library

The well equipped Central Library has a collection of 42000 books and 110 Journals and Periodicals of national and international level. Computerised Library provides Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Computerised circulation with barcoding technology, Broadband Internet (Speed Combo), 6000+ e-journals (Full text) & 3135000 e-books under NLIST programme of U.G.C., Digital collection on various subjects, Digital Talking Library for visually challenged users, Etc.

Administrative setup

The Library Advisory Committee with Principal as Chairman, Librarian as Secretary, representatives from the Heads of Departments and One representative from the students as members lays down the policy and programme of the library.


The Library collections have been classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (International Scheme for subject classification). Catalogue Code used is Classified Catalogue Code (C.C.C.). The software used for library management is "BOOKMAGIC".

Working Hours

The library will be kept open on all working days including saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. 


Membership of the library is open to Staff, Research Scholars and Students of this college.Retired teachers of this college, students and teachers of sister institutions and the public are also allowed to use the library.

Facilities and Services

Automated library

A Library Management Software Package "BOOKMAGIC" with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Online circulation with barcoding technology, Etc. All the students have been provided barcoded identity cards. All books are barcoded.

Network Resource Centre sponsored by UGC.

Broadband high speed internet browsing facility is being provided to the staff and students with printers and scanners under NRC programme of U.G.C.

NLIST e-book & e-journal consortia

Access to 6000+ electronic journals (Full text) and 3135000 e-books is being provided to the staff and students under NLIST (Abridged form of INFLIBNET) programme of UGC. Faculty members, research scholars and students have been provided individual username and password so that they can use this facility in the campus as well as outside.

Digital library cum Institutional repository

A digital library cum institutional repository software "Greenstone" has been installed in the server system of the library by which the staff and students can have the access to digital literature on various subjects through nine terminals.

Digital Talking Library

A digital talking library software "ORCA" has been installed in two systems in a separate section by which text files can be converted in to audio files. The visually challenged users can hear the text files in various languages.


> Bound volumes of periodicals

> Bound volumes of question papers

> Compact discs

> Home lending of documents

> Reference service

> Bibliographic service

> New addition alert service

> User orientation

> Career guidance

> Etc.

General Rules

1. Barcoded identity card issued by the college should be produced to "check in" while entering the library and to "check out" before leaving the library.

2. Personal articles such as books, bags, etc. are not allowed in the library.

3. Students are allowed to carry only blank sheets of paper and pen to the library.

4. Library is a place for serious reading and research. Strict silence should be maintained in the library and its premises.

5. Students can borrow book(s) from the library by producing the identity card.

6. The borrowers should examine the book(s) issued to them and any damage, marking, if any, should be reported to the staff before leaving the counter.

7. The borrowers will be held responsible for any defect detected when the book is returned and he/she will be required to replace the defective book with a new one or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Government / University.

8. The loan period is normally 14 days. But the Librarian reserves the right to recall any book at any time from any borrower, even when the period of loan is not over.

About Library

9. The loan period may be extended or shortened at the discretion of the Librarian.

10. If the book borrowed from the library is not returned on or before the due date, a fine of Re.1/- per day will be levied for each book.

11. If a book borrowed is lost, the matter should immediately be reported to the Librarian.

12. If a book is irrecoverably lost , it must be replaced with a new one or the cost as may be fixed by the Government / University should be paid.

13. Member shall not sub lend the books of the library.

14. All documents borrowed from the library by the students and the staff should be returned on or before the last working day of the academic year or on the date fixed by the Librarian

15. Any matter not covered by the foregoing rules shall be decided by the Principal.

Book Bank

1. The Book Bank is a separate section of the college library which contains standard text books of all subjects. They are loaned to financially backward students for a period of one year.

2. Books will be issued to deserving students recommended by the Heads of the Departments. Those who need the books should apply to the Librarian with the recommendation of the Head of the Department, the Librarian will issue the books on obtaining acknowledgement in the issue register.

3. Genarally a student will be issued only two text books from the Book Bank.

4. If the book is not returned on or before the prescribed day, a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be levied.

5. A student is allowed to get the same book renewed for the next year in case it is so recommended by the Head of the Department.

6. Books are to be used with maximum care and there should be no damage or disfigurement. Writing with pencil or ink anywhere in the book is strictly forbidden. If any such thing has been done, the student is liable to replace the book. Books will be received back only after page to page scruitiny.